Here’s a bit of what Kobe Bryant had to say in Phoenix Friday at NBA All-Star weekend:

Question: Do you remember the time when people started telling you were good enough to be in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant:  Nobody ever told me that.

Question: When did you start to believe it?
Kobe Bryant:  When I first got drafted.

Question: That’s when you believed you could make it in the NBA?
Kobe Bryant:  Yep.

Question: What was your first game like, when you scored your first points?
Kobe Bryant:  It was a pass from Eddie Jones.

Question: What’s going on with the Lakers?
Kobe Bryant:  We want to win another championship.  We have a good team, have the team to do it.  That’s our goal.

Question: Why has it been so relatively easy ‑‑ not easy, but going without Andrew, you still seem to be going on a roll.
Kobe Bryant:  Our team is used to playing with guys coming in on the lineup because we had to do it last season.  It was tough but we had to figure it out.
I think because of that, having that experience, we kind of come back.

Question: Can you talk about Lamar, he seems to have stepped up his game?
Kobe Bryant:  He has locked in.  I think what you are seeing now, you are seeing Lamar at an All‑Star level.

Question: When Andrew went out, have you changed in terms of your attitude, more leadership?
Kobe Bryant:  A little bit more aggressive, obviously.  We got to command more double‑teams.