Tim Duncan talks about David Robinson

Here’s what San Antonio Spurs superstars Tim Duncan said Friday in Phoenix at NBA All-Star Weekend about former teammate David Robinson.

Question: First of all, David Robinson.  One of the 16 finalists for the Basketball Hall of Fame, how do you feel about that?

Tim Duncan:  Easy decision.  I’m happy for him.  What he has been through over the years, his career, how he has touched people on and off the basketball courts, what he has done, just a great guy and glad that it’s done for on his first try.

Question: What has he meant to you in your career?

Tim Duncan:  Well, he has always been like a big brother to me, ever since day one walking in there, he has always been my big brother on the court, showing me how things are done off the court, just being there for me. So, as I said, just really excited for him.

Question: How about as far as him helping you develop your games, perhaps?

Tim Duncan:  I think more than anything he helped me develop my game by being there, by being next to me, taking the pressure off of me, allowing me to mature and become the player I could be on my own time instead of being forced in there in a situation where I’m the number one pick and have to be the man right off the back.  It was a great situation for me.

Author: Inside Hoops

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