The New Orleans Times-Picayune (John Reid) reports (via blog): As impressive as the dunk contest was in New Orleans, the league’s biggest stars continue to not participate. For the sixth consecutive year, Cleveland’s LeBron James will be a spectator instead of a participant. James said he has no interest in competing, which is the same response other stars such as Miami’s Dwyane Wade and Boston’s Kevin Garnett have given. Lakers star Kobe Bryant has not entered since winning in 1997. “It would take more hops,” said Wade, when asked Friday what it would take for him to enter. “That has to be first, along with more creativity. I can’t jump as high as those guys to do what they do. I’m a game dunker.” Hornets point guard Chris Paul said he would enter but only under one condition. “If they lowered the goal to about 8 feet,” Paul said.