The Indianapolis Star (Jeff Rabjohns) reports on what Julius “Dr. J” Erving said: “The more the slam dunk resembles the actions of the mascots, it seems the more the crowd loves it,” Erving said during All-Star weekend. “It seems about playing to the crowd. I guess if I was 26 and I were in it, I would do something that would play to the crowd. “I think that’s unfair that the slam dunkers, as talented as they are, have to resort to that to get favor from the judges or the crowd. “I’d rather see no props allowed; maybe a teammate because I think playing against opposition brings out the best dunks. I think my best dunks were when somebody was trying to block my shot. If you want props as far as resistance, OK. But chairs and ladders and trampolines? That’s turning it too much into a sideshow.”