Derrick Rose the new face of Bulls

The Chicago Sun-Times (John Jackson) reports: As the last player introduced at the United Center, Derrick Rose already is the focal point of the franchise and will be the cornerstone of the team for years to come. Expect to see him on television, to hear his voice on radio and to see his face plastered all over town before next season. ”We will most likely be more aggressive in the future in featuring him in the things we do,” Schanwald said. ”We walk a fine line in that regard because so much of the success a basketball team enjoys is related to five individuals playing as one. ”Derrick is a genuinely humble kid, which, given his athletic gifts, is a major part of his appeal and so refreshing in this day and age. He is always the first one to credit his teammates for his success. So we walk a fine line in regard to how much we put him out there. His play is so good, his skills so great and our coverage in the media so extensive that we don’t necessarily need to artificially try to hype him up.”

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