Gerald Green wants dunk contest spot in 2010

The Dallas Morning News (Eddie Sefko) reports (via blog): We were all reminded Saturday night of Gerald Green’s lasting legacy (so far). His cupcake blowout in the dunk contest two years ago was destined to be replayed on an annual basis whenever the dunk show is on display. Green has said he hopes to re-appear in the contest next year when it’s in Dallas. It remains to be seen if he gets an invite or not, but if he’s with the Mavericks, you can bet he’ll get strong consideration. Unfortunately for Green, that remains his claim to fame. Actually, one of his two claims to fame. Nothing he’s done on the court has gotten him as much claim as his dunk and the fact that he was part of the trade that brought Boston Kevin Garnett and laid the foundation for the Celtics’ championship last season.

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