Knicks want 40 wins

The New York Post (Brian Lewis) reports:  The Knicks need to go 16-9 to reach their 40-win goal, but as of yesterday, 14 of their 25 upcoming opponents would be in the playoffs if the season were over. They play six of their last nine and 13 of their last 21 on the road. Most worrisome, they have played poorly since the trades for Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox. “We’ve got to somehow to get to 40 wins. That’ll give us a good chance to get in the playoffs,” D’Antoni said. “We’ve just got to eke out wins wherever we can. I didn’t sit down and work it out, there was no formula. I just thought 40’s pretty good. The last years have been what, about 35, 36? There’s no reason we can’t win 40. “I told them about 1,000 times, individually, collectively, talked about it with coaches. That’s our goal. I don’t know if we will [get it], but why not shoot for it?”

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