Washington Wizards center Brendan Haywood on his improved free throw shooting: “For me it has been about getting my elbow up. It’s about locking my elbow in, extending it and getting it so that my follow through has nowhere to go but straight and long. When I do that I am going to miss short and long, not all over the place like when my elbow kicks out. Even when I miss I know how to correct it, whereas in previous years when I was having a bad stretch I was just hoping and wishing.”

Haywood on assistant coach Dave Hopla: “I definitely think he’s helped me out a lot. He met with me in Charlotte and we have continued to work everyday. Even in games he’s always talking about different things as far as balance and getting my elbow up. He will even tell me if I had a bad make because he knows that you need to have consistency when you are working with bad habits like I had before.”