The Washington Wizards have started the 2007-08 season with one win and five losses. Here’s head coach Eddie Jordan:

On the Wizards’ offense: “As much as people say we can score, we’ve got to execute.  We want to score with efficiency.  We don’t want to take a lot of bad shots that lead to fast breaks, or take bad shots that are not in harmony with the team concept.  You have to play as a team and share the ball.”

On the recent players-only meeting: “What I liked about our team meeting was that it was short.  The short ones are pretty concise and to the point, then let’s go to practice.  There are some that last too long, and it’s just a whole lot of talk.  I felt good when the team said they were going to have a meeting and they came back out in less than 15 minutes.  That was a good sign.”

On leadership: “Coaches appreciate leaders who are consistent every day.  When something needs to be said in the locker room, bus, plane, but certainly in practice and in games, coaches want captains that lead by example and through professional communication.  That’s what we want to see.”

On the play of Gilbert Arenas: “He’s quarterbacking the team and he’s talking.  He’s defending better.  I think it’s because of the emphasis we put on individual and team defense.  He’s getting over screens, he’s helping, he’s in good position, and he’s always in a defensive stance, which is a lot of strain on the legs.”

On the team’s community service event at Andrews Air Force Base: “Our guys have always been out in the community and I think we’ve got terrific character guys.  It’s nothing new and nothing different for us.  It’s not just something they have to do; they do it on their own.”