Morgan State basketball player Ameer Ali grabbed Oklahoma star Blake Griffin’s arm, pulled him and completely flipped him onto his back. It was a disgusting, cheap play from a player who scores under 3 points per game and is lucky to even be near a talent like Griffin. Here’s the video:

The Washington Post (Michael Lee) reports: Oklahoma Coach Jeff Capel was a bit fired up after Morgan State’s Ameer Ali flipped Griffin with 7 minutes 41 seconds to play on Thursday. Griffin popped up and refused to retaliate. Ali was ejected. “I couldn’t do it,” Capel said after the game. “When I was his age, no way I was able to handle that. It shows how smart he is. He understands why people are doing these things. I don’t think it was intentional, but it was something bad that happened. “Those kinds of things upset me. I know [Morgan State] coach Todd Bozeman doesn’t teach his kids to do that. I hope it was inadvertent. It upsets me. He gets hit like that all time, and it’s not called. I know he is a difficult guy to officiate. You have to be physical with him because he’s so physical. It’s borderline ridiculous. For me it’s scary and [ticks] me off, to be honest with you.”