LeBron James talks of playing with Dwyane Wade

Sunday evening in New Jersey the Nets are hosting LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Before the game, LeBron spoke with InsideHoops.com editor Jeff Lenchiner and other reporters.

Dwyane Wade was brought up and it was mentioned (by our main man Ken Berger of CBS) to LeBron that as long as both he and Wade are in the Eastern conference the two can never meet in the Finals.

“I don’t know… it doesn’t matter,” said James. “Whatever happens, we go against each other. Maybe… we’ll play against each other in practice. I don’t know. That’d be fun, wouldn’t it?”

Now, LeBron paused after that “maybe” before the practice statement, as if he was thinking carefully about what he was going to say next, knowing full well media members lik me would relay it back to the entire fan world aned cause about a billion discussions to break out.

After the interview was over, LeBron yelled over to an inquisitive reporter that he did not say that he said he is headed for Miami, but then said that he is not saying Wade is coming to Cleveland.

Then, he left.

Enjoy discussing this, NBA fan world.

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Author: Inside Hoops

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