Gilbert Arenas retires from blogging

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is great at scoring, getting injured and blogging. And he’s just announced that the last item on that list is off his agenda. The Washington Times (Mike Jones) reports:

Gilbert Arenas has officially retired from blogging. The Wizards guard and the original NBA player-blogger said in the locker room just a bit ago “I’m retired from that. At first it was fun, but then it seemed like it was turning into a double-edged sword. Your words can work against you.”

I used to skim-read some of his blog entries, but as great as they were, I rarely made it through the whole thing. That’s on me, though. These days I check so much content I rarely make it through anything. Anyway, Arenas should definitely become a broadcaster of some kind when his playing days are over, though, because the man has lots of funny, insightful thoughts to share on just about everything.

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