24 season 7 review

Note: There are no spoilers here at all. This is an extremely generalized 24 show review.

I’m catching up on the TV show 24 on Fox, Season 7, and with a few episodes to go until I’m up to the current one, it’s just as much fun as previous seasons.

What makes 24 so entertaining is the quickness of the plot developments. Because each season takes place in a day (each episide is an hour of ‘real time’), the action moves so quickly there’s a major twist literally every few minutes.

My only problem with the current season is similar to an issue I’ve had in the past: There are always at least one or two somewhat major characters whose stupidity transcends what is believable. And that’s definitely the case this season. Without spoiling anything, one or two of the dozen or so main characters have a somewhat absurd hangup with star Jack Bauer, in a way that makes you want to yell “Are you retarded?!?” at the TV screen.

Now, in a show like this, it’s common to expect that in order to full enjoy it you need to suspend reality and just let yourself sink into the episodes. That’s par for the course. But even with these few characters, it’s done in a great manner; you still want to tune in, just to see if those people smarten up. I’m sure the writers do it on purpose.

But, just when something annoys you, a minute later something wild and unexpected happens that draws you right back to the edge of your seat.

I consider 24 to be one of the select few must-see action shows on television.


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