(Chad Ford) reports: Ricky Rubio, the Spanish point guard sensation that has been compared to everyone from Pete Maravich to Steve Nash will declare for the 2009 NBA draft, his agent, Dan Fegan, told from Barcelona Monday afternoon. Rubio will have until June 15 to withdraw his name from the draft. However, his agent sounded confident that he’s staying in. “Ricky will be in the 2009 draft,” Fegan said. Fegan has been in Barcelona this week meeting with Rubio and his family trying to come to a decision. Rubio is the starting point guard for DKV Joventut in Spain and is widely considered the best young international player in the world. editor says: According to multiple sources, including one of mine, Rubio has a massive buyout from his current overseas team; close to $9 million US dollars. NBA teams can only pay $500,000 of a buyout. So, he’ll have to find his way out of that contract if he wants to enter the NBA draft.