I generally talk almost entirely about basketball, occasionally touching on fun stuff in entertainment, and avoid discussing anything nasty in the world, but today, an NBA team located down near Mexico has sent a reaction to the current swine flu issue.

The Houston Rockets, showing that they’re on top of things, took a positive step to state that they’re aware of the swine flu’s existence and are monitoring the situation and making sure everyone is safe. I think they’re the first NBA team to say something about the issue, though they didn’t actually mention it by name in the release they sent out.

Here’s what the Rockets said:

“We are aware of the situation and concerned for all involved.  We have been working with city health officials and the mayor’s office, as well as monitoring the situation from state and regional authorities.  At this time, Toyota Center has been advised to continue its normal operations pertaining to Rockets and Aeros playoff games as well as concerts.  We will continue communicating with the various agencies and will keep our fans apprised if any operational changes are implemented based on the directives we receive from local authorities.”

Until there’s reason to do so, I’ll probably not mention the issue again. Good for the Rockets, for being proactive.

Now, back to focusing on the playoffs!