Reggie Evans brings toughness to Raptors

The Toronto Star (Doug Smith) reports: “The only way you’re going to succeed in this game is certain people have to bring certain things to the table,” Reggie Evans said yesterday after taking his physical at the Air Canada Centre, the final step to completing the deal for Jason Kapono. “Like Chris Bosh: We look to him to get buckets, rebounds, that’s what he (does). Everybody has their different roles on a team, mine are to rebound and play some of the tougher guys at my position. “I have fun doing that, I don’t mind doing that, I love doing that. It’s a perfect fit … it’s going to be fun.” And pity the lazy Raptor who takes things lightly. “If I feel like something ain’t right, I’m not going to look at a coach and (say), `Coach, can you tell him?’” Evans said during a brief session with the media. “I’ll voice it myself.