Allen Iverson needs a job

Allen Iverson needs a job

Super-scoring guard Allen Iverson needs a job and at this point it’s tough to say which teams he’s going to sign with.

There had been rumors that the Memphis Grizzlies had interest, but considering the young guards they already have it’s possible that adding Iverson would merely stunt the growth of talented shooting guard O.J. Mayo and possibly point guard Mike Conley as well.

Iverson’s time on the Denver Nuggets was OK at best. Chemistry with Carmelo Anthony and others wasn’t great, and the team got better once they traded  him to the Detroit Pistons for point guard Chauncey Billups.

On the Pistons things didn’t work out at all. Detroit was happy to say goodbye.

Now 34 years old, Iverson’s best role would be as a team’s prime bench scorer. Like a Leandro Barbosa for the Phoenix Suns (of a few years ago when they were really good).

The question is if he’d accept such a job, and which team would go for him.

At this point, I’d love to now tell you who the favorites are to land him. But so far there aren’t any.

Could he reunite with Larry Brown and join the Charlotte Bobcats? Or head back to the Philadelphia 76ers now that Andre Miller is gone and the best point guard they have is Lou Williams?

Or, will rumors of an overseas team offering him a relatively fat contract come true? Only Iverson knows if he’d consider crossing over the pond.

We’re over a month into free agency and Iverson’s future seems wide open.

Someone will sign him, right?

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