Half the fun of talking about LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and other top stars isn’t just raving about what they do on a basketball court. Speculating about where they may play in the future is just as entertaining.

Mike McGraw of the Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports (via blog):

dwyane wade future team

Asked if the Bulls would be his No. 1 destination should he leave Miami next year, Wade replied, “If I disclose that kind of information, the articles this season aren’t as exciting anymore. Speculation is not the same. You guys ain’t going to have nothing to talk about me.”

Then asked what would keep him Miami, Wade provided this answer: “Well, first of all I love the organization. I love what it stands for, from the owner Mickey Arison on down. It’s a first class organization. We’ve had some good times in Miami. I love the weather. It’s become home for me for the past six years. Hey, it’s not my fault Miami drafted me at No. 5 (in 2003) and Chicago did not move up (from No. 7).”

While LeBron, Wade and other top stars probably do have a strong opinion about what team they may try to play for once their current contracts  run out, it’s safe to assume they really aren’t 100 percent sure. Things can happen. Rosters change. Teams that appear to be attractive can shake things up. So while the speculation will continue, it’s mostly all in fun, because no matter what sources a reporter may have, the players themselves are perfectly likely to change their mind in the future.