Times are tough these days economically for a lot of people. Myself included. I only had five or six hour-long full body massages these past two weeks as I vacation overseas. We’re all making sacrifices.

Anyway, the Miami Heat are cutting some payroll. Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald reports:

Economic problems have forced Heat president Pat Riley, coach Erik Spoelstra and several members of the team’s front-office to take pay cuts entering the season.

Spoelstra said recently that he expected to open his second season as coach with his entire staff of assistants intact. But financial problems that led to reductions of about 20 employees on the business staff earlier this year have apparently spilled over to basketball operations.

The Heat is already facing the prospect of having to pay about $3 million in NBA luxury tax fees for operating beyond the league’s $69.9 million threshold for excessive payrolls.

It needs to be said that the biggest waste of money in Miami these past few years was on former Heat center Mark Blount. He’s gone now, though, so things can only get brighter on South Beach.