Denver Nuggets All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony spoke on Friday:

Q: What are your thoughts on all of the trades that are taking place in the West?

Carmelo Anthony: I’m just waiting for my phone to ring and see what we are going to do. The West is getting back to the way it used to be. The Western Conference race is tough right now even for us because we are in the ninth spot I think, so we are trying for eighth. It’s going to come down to the last game in the season I can tell you that. Every team in the West has a chance to make the playoffs. We might do something before the deadline and we might not. If we don’t, I’m going to roll with what we’ve got. Right now I love the team that we have. I think anything we get will be a plus. I think with the team we have right now we can do a lot of things.

Also, Melo is picking Rudy Gay to win the Slam Dunk contest, but possibly only because Gay is from Baltimore, so it may just be a biased pick.

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