Chicago Bulls center Brad Miller’s NBA career has tapered off in recent seasons, but his celebrity status just got a boost in the world of people who love the great outdoors.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports:

Miller got to travel the world filming footage for “Country Boys Outdoors,” a new TV show he’s co-hosting that premieres on The Sportsman’s Channel this month.

A self-described “hick” from Kendallville, Ind., who long has been passionate about hunting and fishing, Miller found himself chuckling over his good fortune when he, say, hunted red stagg or rabbits in New Zealand.

“We’ve been filming stuff for over three years,” Miller said.

That’s eight less than the number of seasons the wily veteran has played after leaving Purdue as an undrafted free agent.

“Obviously, you approach the offseasons a little differently now because you’re looking more just to stay healthy,” Miller said. “You don’t recover as much as the young guys. So a lot more Advil, more time icing and just maintaining your body. Or hunting.”

Nothing beats a summer spent doing what you love and getting paid in the process. Dude is lucky.