The Toronto Raptors have a hot rookie shooting guard in DeMar DeRozan.

Aside from being extremely athletic, DeRozan has both a first and last name with two capital letters. Clearly an added bonus.

But is the kid ready to be a real starter on a team that hopes to make the playoffs? One writer says no.

Frank Zicarelli of the Toronto Sun reports:

Opinion: DeMar DeRozan not ready to start

The starting five, which has four legit pieces, has a major hole at shooting guard, an area rookie DeMar DeRozan has yet to seize.

The kid looks like a keeper, but the kid isn’t ready.

Assuming his right knee holds up, the right move is to start Antoine Wright.

If Wright’s knee regresses and the Raptors are forced into force-feeding DeRozan into the starting unit, then the team is in trouble.

DeRozan needs time and now is not the time to thrust him into a role he is clearly not equipped to handle.

I agree that it’s better to give Wright the bigger role and minutes early on, while giving DeRozan more time to learn the ropes. Ideally, DD will be ready to handle the job a few months into the season.