Tuesday night in Detroit, the Pistons hosted the Orlando Magic and behind 20+ point games from three players managed to come away with a home victory. Magic star Dwight Howard played just under 17 minutes, yet fouled out with six fouls and finished with just 8 points, 5 rebounds, no assists (3 turnovers) and 3 blocks.

Today, on his own website (DwightHoward.com), Dwight wrote:

Yo, what up, world??? Not sure how many of you guys saw the game last night in Detroit, but let me tell you that was one to forget. We lost for the first time all season, the first time since the Finals, I guess. But it was how we lost that frustrated me the most.

I was on the floor for 16 minutes and fouled out!!! Let me say that again: 17 minutes and six fouls!!! How can that be, ya’ll? It was crazy. They called me for a charge on a flop, a push off when the defender was on me and two fouls on blocked shots.

Man, 16 minutes is a lifetime low for me I think. I haven’t played that little in a game since I was 10 years old in pee-wee ball. It was crazy from the start of the game all the way to when I fouled out with about 4 minutes to play.

What really bothers me is they are letting guys hammer me at one end of the floor, yet I’m being called for everything. All of those hits take a toll on my body after a while.

The Magic were 3-0 to start the season. The loss was their first in 2009-10. Wednesday night they head to Phoenix to battle the 4-0 Suns.