Friday night the Golden State Warriors, playing at home, lost to the Los Angeles Clippers, who enjoyed very good games from Baron Davis and Chris Kaman.

As you surely recall, Davis used to be a Warrior and helped inject some nice life into the team while he was there.

Baron’s buddy Stephen Jackson, currently an unhappy Warrior who has requested to be traded, does not support any boos from Golden State fans in Baron’s direction.

The AP reports:

Jackson took exception to the fans’ reception of Davis, who was making his second appearance in Oakland since leaving the Warriors. Davis was booed every time he touched the ball.

“Baron is a great player,” Jackson said. “What upsets me is they boo him but they have short memories. They forgot the reason they’re still coming here is because of what he did when he was here. The organization was in the trash can before we had that year.”

The way I see it, the Warriors currently have so many issues, the last thing any members of the team need to worry about is how fans react to former players or anyone wearing the wrong jersey.