Marc Berman of the New York Post reports:

If LeBron James is crazy enough to take the leap this summer, he must realize he could join the worst team in Knicks history — Team Titanic version 3.0.

The franchise was born in 1946. Last night, the deplorable 2009-10 Knicks set the mark for worst start in franchise history. The pitiful Knicks fell to a humiliating 1-9 after another loss, 121-107, to the dysfunctional Warriors, after which they got booed leaving the Garden court.

No Knicks team has ever been as bad as 1-9 after 10 games. They genuinely appear on the way to post the worst record in franchise history. Afterward, coach Mike D’Antoni called his team “zombies.”

Even if LeBron James doesn’t come in 2010, the Knicks objective — to clear the roster out and start the team anew — makes sense and needed to be done. So, as bad as this season looks, the team is now bad for the right reasons.