Similar to regular websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and other online destinations, Twitter is part of the Internet. The purpose of all of them is basically the same, to present online content.

So, if someone works for a company with rules dictating what type of content employees can post on the web, logically it applies to Twitter, too.

The rumor is that Bill Simmons is suspended from Twitter, except for posts involving his book tour.

Jay Yarow of Business Insider reports:

ESPN is suspending its hotshot writer Bill Simmons from Twitter for two weeks.

The reason: He started mouthing off at Boston sports station WEEI on Twitter. WEEI is an ESPN partner.

Steve Krakauer of MediaIte reports:

So here’s what did him in. On November 11, Simmons tweeted an angry message to Boston radio station WEEI: “Hey WEEI: You were wrong, I did a Boston interview today. With your competition. Rather give them ratings over deceitful scumbags like you.”

Harsh – and since WEEI and ESPN have a partnership, this apparently is a no-no when it comes to ESPN’s much-discussed social media guidelines.

Rob King of ESPN reports (via his blog):

While it’s unfortunate — and sometimes painful — that not everyone outside of ESPN chooses to play by such rules, we choose to hold ourselves to higher standards. Regardless of the provocation, Bill’s communication regarding WEEI fell short of those standards. So we’ve taken appropriate measures.

You have to follow your company’s rules. Even if you’re atop your field. Usually.