Q: Which kind of style do you prefer? Sometimes it seems you have a running game, sometimes not.

Antawn Jamison: With our offense, the Princeton offense, and Eddie kind of tweaked it a little bit, with our personnel, we can play both styles. Of course, you’d like to get up and run up the court a lot more, but we’re also a team that can slow the ball down, read what the defense has given us, and make an assessment that way. When Gilbert is out there, he gets the ball in the zone, and he’s just running and things like that. And I think when he comes back, you still can have that type of offense. I think when he comes back defensively, he still needs to be in the middle of the pack and still get some stops as well. Any time you have to run up and down the court, it’s always fun to be part of that.

Q: How does it feel to be here?

Antawn Jamison: It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. As a kid, for me, seeing Michael and David and Scottie and all those guys. When I first got into the league one of my good friends Vince Carter was participating every year. I finally got my call a couple years ago. It doesn’t get old. You know, it’s history. It’s fun to be a part of these festivities. To enjoy it with my family and friends makes it even more sweeter. But I can never get used to it. I can never get done with it. It brings out the kid in me. As a kid you’ve seen it. I’m 31 now, but every time I walk in and see the All Star logo, and you get bags every day. It brings the kid out in you. Like I said, these moments never get old, you always enjoy it.

Q: Do you think there is some misperception as to Rasheed Wallace and the emotion he plays with, and the person he is?

Antawn Jamison: I certainly do. I know his family and things like that. But when Rasheed is away from the game of basketball, his personality is more low key than mine. I mean, laid back. He’s a family man and things like that. During the course of basketball, emotions take over. I don’t want to say like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but it’s definitely two totally different personalities. When he’s playing basketball, that’s the personality you need. That is the personality that’s gotten him to the point he is in his career. So I definitely think there is a misconception as far as the type of person that he is; because away from the game of basketball you couldn’t find a more humble guy. I think Rasheed is one of those guys that it doesn’t bother him. He tries to please everybody all the time. But he’s definitely a good guy. He’s a guy I would love to have in my corner, and love to play with.

Q: You guys just missed each other at UNC.

Antawn Jamison: Yeah, we just missed each other. That’s his fault. We could have had a ring that year. But I won’t hold it against him. You know, when I came in he was just leaving, him and Stackhouse. But when I was in Carolina, he used to come back every summer and take me under his wings and show me the ropes and things like that. That’s how I got to know Rasheed.