The Philadelphia 76ers have played awful basketball. Then they signed free agent Allen Iverson. But they’re still getting rocked by opponents.

Kate Fagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Last night, the continuation of the 76ers’ losing streak, or its termination, came down to one moment: the flick of Andre Iguodala’s wrist.

There were 3.9 seconds on the game clock and Iguodala rose for a potential winning three-pointer.

If he made it, the streak could end at 10. If he missed it, the slump would reach 11.

This morning, it stands at 11.

Inside a much quieter Wachovia Center, the Detroit Pistons beat the Sixers, 90-86.

The Pistons - without injured stars Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, and Ben Gordon - improved to 9-12. Detroit outrebounded the Sixers, 45-32.

The Sixers (5-17) last won on Nov. 18, beating the Charlotte Bobcats. Their winning hiatus has reached 21 days.

The Inquirer continues:

On Monday night in Iverson’s emotional return to the Sixers, 20,664 people packed the Wachovia Center. Last night, that number dropped to 12,136.

Along with the attendance, so too dropped Iverson’s effectiveness. He played 33 minutes, scoring 11 points on 3-for-10 shooting with three assists, six turnovers and no rebounds.

Things are rough in Philly. I watched some of yesterday’s game and did not find any aspect of the 76ers to be threatening as a basketball team. A few wins are bound to pop up but for the most part, unless a player or two suddenly raises the level of their game by several levels, expect the team to mostly keep losing.