The Golden State Warriors have had plenty of injuries this season and the trend will continue now with center Mikki Moore.

Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times reports (via blog):

Mikki Moore to have right heel surgery

He held on as long as he could, but center Mikki Moore is now going to have surgery to repair bone spurs in his right heal. The Warriors are down three centers.

Could that mean Anthony Randolph is back in the starting lineup? Nelson said he would lean on Randolph more. Remember, the last time he played at home, Randolph set a career high against Dwight Howard.

We first reported this back on Dec. 1. Mikki told me the bone spur was causing him significant pain as it was digging into his Achilles tendon. He said that was the reason his dunks were getting blocked (like it did at Philadelphia) because he couldn’t jump without pain. He knew then it would take surgery to fix the problem, which has plagued him since last season. But Moore said he would deal with the pain and the limited mobility because he didn’t want to leave the injuy-depleted Warriors even more depleted.

Even at full health the Warriors are not a playoff team, but it would still be nice to see how well they can play with an actual full, healthy roster. Hopefully we get to see that in the somewhat near future.