Tracy McGrady inactive as Rockets seek trade

The Houston Rockets are actively seeking a trade for guard Tracy McGrady, who will remain inactive until it happens.

Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey issued the following statement today regarding the team’s agreement with McGrady to seek a trade: “After multiple conversations with Tracy and his representatives, we have agreed to look into trade opportunities and have granted him an indefinite leave from team activities.”

After playing just 66 games in 2007-08 and 35 last season, McGrady in 2009-10 has logged just 45 minutes in six games.

Houston has also been without injured center Yao Ming this season.

Despite their two top stars not being on the court, the Rockets have an 18-13 record. If the regular season ended today, they’d be the Western conference 7th seed for the playoffs.

McGrady is the highest paid player in the entire league this year. His contract is expiring, so if the Rockets can’t find a suitable trade that actually helps their team, it’s quite possible T-Mac simply remains inactive all season.

It’s also possible that the team doesn’t find a trade for McGrady and the two sides someday make amends. Perhaps we’ll still actually see McGrady on the court wearing a Rockets jersey weeks or months from now.

But for now, the team will actively seek a trade — but only one that helps them, of course.

– Jeff Lenchiner

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