Dave Krieger of the Denver Post reports:

Allen Iverson could hear the tribute as he stood in the Sixers’ huddle during a first-half timeout Sunday night, but he couldn’t see the video board.

“I couldn’t really pay attention to it because it was during a timeout and Coach was talking,” Iverson said after putting up 17 points and seven assists in Philly’s 108-105 win over his former team.

“But I looked up and seen what was going on and then, just to hear the fans react the way they reacted, it was a great feeling. I kind of got beside myself.”

The video montage showed the usual A.I. magic, driving the NBA forest, slicing through the trees, somehow getting the ball up through the branches and in the net, time after time after time. Out of the timeout, the crowd rose to serenade him back onto the floor.

To the full house at the Pepsi Center, it was like he never left. The fans seemed to have no trouble cheering for the Nuggets and Iverson at the same time. Considering he played only 135 games for the Nuggets, less than two seasons’ worth, it is an extraordinary bond.