Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee reports:

Francisco Garcia returns to practice

Francisco García was scared, even if he didn’t show it.

The Kings’ fifth-year swingman had returned to work with his trademark flair Monday, practicing for the first time since breaking his right (shooting) wrist nearly three months before. He was running and jumping and shooting. And yapping. Of course he was yapping.

With his scrimmage team down three points with 25 seconds left and García open on the left wing, he took the pass in stride and buried what appeared to be a three-pointer. It was like he’d never left, as García not only made the long-range shot but argued to no avail when assistant coach Mario Elie ruled it a two-pointer in what led to his team’s loss.

“I was still a little scared because of my arm, but it was good,” García said. “I think the biggest challenge is getting comfortable on the floor, getting hit on the floor.

“When I fall on the floor, how am I going to feel? Other than that, I feel good.”