Report: Knicks deny Magic Johnson tickets to game

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reports:

The next time Magic Johnson asks the Knicks for a seat along celebrity row, he first may want to ask Isiah Thomas for his forgiveness.

The Daily News has learned that Johnson’s request for comp tickets to a Knicks game last month was rejected due in part to his criticism of Thomas, the team’s former president and head coach, who remains close to Garden chairman James Dolan.

The Knicks would neither confirm nor deny that Johnson was told that they wouldn’t provide him with a ticket to the team’s Dec. 7 game against Portland.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Knicks deny Magic Johnson tickets to game”

  1. what a stupid move by the New York Magic Johnson is a great person and is well liked this isn’t going to look good for them.

  2. GOOD ! It’s about time someone that knows Isiah has the guts to stand in his defense regarding all the preposterous criticism he has received in the past few years. I used to think Magic Johnson was a standup guy until I heard the cowardly way he accused Isaih in his book. I knew there was some conspiracy behin him not making the Olympic team. It took the guy (John Stockton) who everyone blamed for him not making the team to show some grace and honor him by havingIsaih introduce him at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I applaud Mr. Dolan for letting Magic have a slight jolt of humble pie. I wish the Piston organization will do the same if he ever request Piston tickets.

  3. Its really sad how petty these hall of fame players were/are. I can understand being competitive on the court but affecting people livelihood even remotely is shameful.

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