Stan Van Gundy talks with frustrated Rashard Lewis

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel reports:

Stan Van Gundy talks with frustrated Rashard Lewis

Coach  Stan Van Gundy said he met with PF  Rashard Lewis on Thursday “for quite a while” to discuss his frustration — and the team’s.

Lewis said after Wednesday night’s game loss to the Denver Nuggets that he wasn’t getting quite enough shots.

Does he have a point?

“Yes and no. We need to find more shots for our keys guys, but part of it is the defense is keying on those guys, especially on Rashard,” Van Gundy said. “Part of it his energy and aggressiveness. I talked to him quite a while (Thursday).

“I think he’s frustrated. That’s a bit of the problem. There’s sort of a frustration running through our team. Rashard had made a comment that sometimes it feels like we’re a last-place team. That sort of sums up a little bit of where our guys are right now.”

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One thought on “Stan Van Gundy talks with frustrated Rashard Lewis”

  1. Not too many open looks it seems….If Rashard has the plays Like a Richard Hamilton or Ray Allen off the picks then he can go with his A game…not too much dumping the ball to Dwight or lame excuses that Vince Carter is injured or not….plus this guy can play on the post and a 3 point artist.

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