Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports:

Mario Chalmers wants his starting spot back

Though Rafer Alston figures to remain the Heat’s starting point guard this season barring an injury or something unforeseen, Mario Chalmers continues to express his desire to regain that spot.

“Time to get back on my [game]. Tired of sittin’ on the bench,” Chalmers said Sunday on Twitter. “Gotta get back to the way I was.”

Before Monday’s game, Chalmers did not back away from those comments. “I’m ready to get back that spot,” he said. “The team needs me back there. I want my spot back. I think there’s a great chance I can get it back.”

Though Chalmers said he accepts whatever role he is given, starting is “more meaningful,” he said, “because I started every game last season. It’s my fault that I lost it” — initially, to Carlos Arroyo before Alston was signed.