Here’s what Caron Butler said to local media today:

Caron Butler on his state of mind after missing his sixth straight game with a left hip flexor strain: “I’ve just been thinking about yesterday’s game, and thinking about the games coming up on Friday and Saturday, and I’m just trying to remain optimistic about getting out there. I just have to see how I feel. It’s a day-to-day thing, and hopefully I’ll feel physically up to it.”

Caron Butler on what it will take for him to return from this injury: “I need to feel good in practice. Pain free. I’m not going to go through a situation in which I step back on the court and the same thing occurs like it did in Philadelphia (on February 5th). Then I will be of no use to the team. I want to come back at 100% so that we can make a push.”

Caron Butler on watching his teammates in his absence: “I just want to get back out there on the court. Yesterday was a game that I felt we could have got, but we fell a little short. The guys really worked their tails off, but something was missing. I felt that if I was out there, we probably would have gotten over the hump. But that’s all speculation, and I still tip my hat off to the guys for working so hard. I’m just frustrated. I want to be out there more than anybody.”

Caron Butler on what he can offer from the sideline: “I’m trying to stay in everyone’s ear as much as possible, but it is different coming from the sideline. That’s why the coaches always emphasize the point that they need a voice on the court. They can be the voice off the court on the sidelines, but you need a voice on the court. Right now, I can’t do that. I can give encouraging words, but it hurts not to be out there.”