Nate Robinson will not miss post-game interviews in New York

Recently traded from the New York Knicks to the Boston Celtics, scoring guard Nate Robinson definitely notices the difference between the atmosphere around a losing team and that of a winning one.

Frank Dell’Apa of the Boston Globe reports:

Nate Robinson will not miss post-game interviews in New York

Nate Robinson said he will not miss being in New York, at least taking part in postgame interviews.

“It’s tough to lose every night and get asked the same questions, what’s the problem?’’ Robinson said. “Here, we’re here to win every night, not take ‘Ls,’ and they carry themselves that way, and I have carried myself that way my whole life.

“Doc is honest and straightforward, and as a player that’s what you want from a coach, to always be honest with you and explain exactly what he wants you to do. He’s all about winning. I’ve been a winner all my life and that’s something I want to continue to be.

“Doc makes you that much more confident in becoming a winner. He said just come in and just be Nate. He doesn’t want to change me, just come in and be ready to play. I play with energy, play for the love of game.’’

It’s safe to say that New York media members look forward to covering a winning team. So hopefully they won’t have to ask such questions like the ones Nate didn’t like in the near future.

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