Jerry Sloan is forever

Mike McGraw of the Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports:

Jerry Sloan is entertaining

Jerry Sloan was asked how he’s lasted 22 years with the Jazz when most other NBA coaches seem to lose touch with their players within a few seasons.

“I tell our players, ‘I’m going to be here and you may not,’ ” he said. “I’ve been real fortunate that our owner gave me the opportunity to say that when he first started out. Coaches are going to be here and players are expendable. – If you don’t have support, you don’t have a fighting chance.”

Someone asked Sloan what he thought about his 1970s-era photo on a mural honoring Bulls legends that went up outside the locker room this year. He hadn’t seen it.

“I don’t think it affects me in any way,” Sloan said. “Like my friend said, ‘I’ll still eat hamburgers.’ “

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