Gilbert Arenas files for change to jersey number 6

The NBA career of Gilbert Arenas hasn’t gone well in recent seasons. He played just 13 games in 2007-08, only two in 2008-09, and while this season he was averaging 22.6 points (41.1% FG) and 7.2 assists in 32 games, the Washington Wizards were doing nothing but losing, and then came along the season-long suspension due to toying with firearms in the locker room.

So, Arenas is reportedly going to make a change. Perhaps merely symbolic. But the way things have gone lately, any change is probably a good thing.

According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Arenas has submitted paperwork to the league to change from jersey #0 and become #6.

This likely means the end of his nickname, Agent Zero. Perhaps a new nickname will come with future success.

The Washington Post reports: “The No. 6 is significant because Arenas’s birthday is Jan. 6 - which is also the day that the NBA gave Arenas an indefinite suspension for his behavior after it was revealed that he brought guns to the locker room at Verizon Center in a dispute with teammate Javaris Crittenton.”