Rumors talk: Curry hurting

In the latest shocking news, Eddy Curry continues to feel pain, tightness, sharpness, aches and whatever other unhealthy words you can think of. At this point it doesn’t really matter if he plays or not. The main thing the Knicks want to do is trade him, and that’s pretty hard to pull off if he can’t even get on the court, let alone play well.

The Bucks have gone nuts lately and while credit goes to the whole team, Andrew Bogut is big-time out there. He’s moved up a notch in the eyes of many.

I look forward to seeing how Phoenix Suns rookie Earl Clark does in the D-League. He’s not expected to be there long. Chances are he doesn’t do anything special for one or two games, and then unleashes something nasty once he gets the hang of it. And then gets called back to the Suns.

The Heat will reportedly sign Kenny Hasbrouck, who I bet at least 12 of you have heard of.

Amar’e Stoudemire is a monster out there lately.

Glen Davis and Shaq should sumo-wrestle it out.

I can appreciate Matt Bonner feeling that every shot he takes should go in. I feel the same way about my own shot. Typically, out in the park if I shoot and miss, I take the basketball, kick it out of the playground while declaring it defective, curse at everybody and call city maintenance to come measure the rims. It makes a positive impression on the guys I’m playing with and sends a clear message that my shot is not to be trifled with.

Tyreke Evans is putting up some Lebron-like stat-lines. Kid is nasty.

Talk to you tomorrow. Rumors Talk is an editorialized take on today’s NBA rumors stories.