Lawrence Frank will return to coaching… someday

Dave D’Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger reports

He’s preparing again.

Not for a game, or for a practice, or for anything immediate or specific.

Lawrence Frank will return to coaching... someday

But make no mistake, Lawrence Frank is preparing for something, and his specific purpose won’t be apparent until some general manager rings his phone in a month or two.

“I hope to get another opportunity to coach another NBA team, and only time will tell how soon that may come,” the former Nets coach said Wednesday. “So I’m working on some things, visiting people, doing some writing, formulating thoughts and ideas, putting together material about the components of coaching – mostly studying the DNA of successful organizations.”

And he’s doing all these things the way Frank does everything: at a whirlwind pace…

“A college team takes on the personality of its coach,” Frank said. “But when you study the NBA, you know a team takes on the personality of its best player. With any team on a high level, the top player embodies its winning culture. So if you’re going to upgrade, it can change quickly – as long as you’re fortunate to get the right franchise player.”

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