Rumors Talk: Keepin it real

It’s nice when NBA players are totally honest about stuff that pisses them off. Amar’e Stoudemire is the current example of that, revealing that he’s not a Tracy McGrady fan. The NBA needs more personal grudges. Ideally between players who guard each other. Let’s all root for Amar’e to develop a grudge against, say, David West, or a guy he goes up against. I support such things. Grudges are good. They make the games more fun.

The main thing Chucky Atkins can offer teams at this point isn’t his basketball ability. It’s his name. It’s just fun to say “Chucky.” Seriously, try it. Yell “Chucky!” at a friend, even if that’s not his name. Chucky!!!

Don’t be surprised by any Phil Jackson Lakers stories that come out, unless they claim that he actually won’t be back. When in doubt, assume he’ll return.

The constant talk about where LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, etc. may go always gets big attention. But in reality, LeBron will probably stay with the Cavs, Wade with the Heat, but Bosh I’m not sure about. He could jet. But there’s a good chance he has no idea where he’ll go. Any stories that name actual favorites are probably just semi-educated speculation at this early point.

Andres Nocioni could contribute more to the Sacramento Kings than he currently is, but it’s just sort of pointless for them to really focus on using him. They’re a bad team, with plenty of young talent for the future, and Nocioni simply probably won’t be a part of it. Ideally, they can trade him this summer to a competitve team that needs a good backup forward.

The Timberwolves ‘may’ offer Darko Milicic a multi-year contract. That’s not particularly huge news. It’ll probably be something close to the minimum, and less than Darko can earn in Europe. He probably has no idea where he’ll be next year, but it does sound like Europe is still the favorite.

I think I could score 30 on the current Pistons frontcourt.

Will 76ers guard Jrue Holiday be better than Lou Williams by next season? Is he better right now?

The next Nets owner, Mr. Russian billionaire, will be on 60 Minutes Sunday. I’ll be watching for sure. Hope he says something interesting and doesn’t just stick with boring, politically correct statements. Also, watch and see if he buys the show, or the entire TV network, after the interview, just so he has a new toy to play with.

The NCAA tournament is flying by. Watch every game! By Sunday night we’ll be down to the Final Four already.

Go INSIDE HOOPS every day.

Talk to you Sunday.

This feature is an editorialized take on the day’s hot NBA rumors stories.