Mike Beasley vows to find himself

Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald reports:

The all-points bulletin essentially has been issued for Michael Beasley. The GPS device was set to take him back to the last place he knew anything about dominance.

Mike Beasley vows to find himself

Before moving forward to the next phase of his offseason, Beasley returned last week to Kansas State.

It’s a place where almost everything about basketball came easy to Beasley. But since he left, the Heat’s lightning-rod forward has been struck by frustrating inconsistencies while tightroping a line between hope and hopelessness in two NBA seasons.

“I need to get back to being me,” Beasley said of his quest to reconnect with “that beast in college” who averaged 26 points and 12 rebounds and expected to take the NBA by storm. “I haven’t shown nothing yet. When I find him, that Mike Beasley, you’ll know. The one you saw these two years, I don’t like him much.”

Author: Inside Hoops

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