When it comes to promoting itself, the NBA is all about global expansion. (And those constant “NBA Cares” ads.) And the next logical step is to have a few regular season games take place overseas.

I would assume that the team(s) losing home games would have to be compensated for their lost income. But other than that, it seems pretty easy to work out.

Reuters reports:

The NBA is actively considering staging a regular-season game in London next season, Commissioner David Stern said.

Stern, speaking to reporters before Monday’s playoff game in Salt Lake City between the Jazz and the visiting Lakers, reaffirmed a previous commitment to bring the NBA to London before the city hosts the 2012 Olympics.

I do not believe that hosting preseason games overseas helps promote the NBA. In preseason, the stars play limited minutes. Lots of players aren’t in peak physical condition. And preseason games don’t matter. That’s not the best way to win new fans.