Uncertainty for LeBron begins

William C. Rhoden of the New York Times writes:

Uncertainty for LeBron begins

What distinguishes this loss from the others is that LeBron James lost more than a series: his crown lost some of its luster. A pair of uninspired performances at home against Boston left a bitter taste in the mouths of many loyal Cleveland fans. Was it his injured elbow, or did James simply lose interest? His performance in Game 5 was so detached and uninspired that there was speculation that he wanted to purposely anger Cavaliers fans to make his departure easier. Fans booed after his 15-point performance. On Friday Celtics fans improvised a derisive, “New York Knicks, New York Knicks “ chant when James went to the free throw line.

The crucial question for James right now is not where but why.

Why have things come to this?

“The only thing I can think about right now is the season being over,” James said. “You have expectations going into the postseason and you never can predict the future, but at the same time, you hope for things much brighter than what is going on right now.”

Author: Inside Hoops

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