Ron Borges of the Boston Herald reports:

If you live in southern California and believe in numerology or history, the Los Angeles Lakers executed a one-game sweep of the Boston Celtics [team stats] Thursday night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

If you live in New England and believe in numerology or history, the Celtics clinched their 18th NBA title last night by losing in resounding fashion to the Lakers.

Phil Jackson 47-0 in playoffs when his team wins Game 1

That’s the beauty of statistics. You can make them say anything and they really mean nothing. Or so both sides have to hope this morning.

Between now and Sunday, when Game 2 finally arrives, much will be said about Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson’s eerie record of being 47-0 in playoff series in which his team wins Game 1.

Last night, Tony Allen grew tired of hearing about that in a hurry and countered those numbers with one of his own, a number that arguably has more bearing on these NBA Finals.

“If you want to bring that up, our starting five has never lost a (playoff) series,” Allen pointed out.