Marc Berman of the New York Post reports:

Kobe does not care where LeBron signs

“You’re asking me if LeBron is going to New York?” Kobe Bryant told The Post. “I’m trying to tell you in a polite way, I don’t give a [bleep]. “As a fan, it’s a big deal,” Kobe added. “You’re talking about LeBron and Dwyane Wade, it’s two huge names changing cities. It alters things drastically in the NBA. But I really don’t care about it.”

Byron Scott, now an ESPN broadcaster, was standing with Bryant and cracked up. “Why are people talking about LeBron anyway?” Scott said. “Let me tell you something. From me just knowing Kobe, he doesn’t give a [bleep] what everyone is talking about anyway.” “I couldn’t have said it better,” Bryant piped in…

During his formal interview session yesterday, Bryant said of the King James’ cloud over the Finals: “I don’t care about attention. It doesn’t mean anything to me.” Fact is, Bryant, despite a sore knee drained in April, despite a healing broken finger, is playing at the highest level he’s ever played. Historically speaking, Bryant is nearing Jordan’s plane of greatness. James is nowhere in that discussion, even if he has two MVPs to Bryant’s one.