Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald reports:

Doc Rivers calls Derek Fisher a flopper

While Lakers guard Derek Fisher drew raves for his hounding of Allen in Game 3, and his ability to fight through screens and draw fouls in particular, Doc Rivers wasn’t amused.

“Derek? Besides flopping, he doesn’t do a lot extra,” said Rivers, who spent most of the morning talking about fouls and how the first three games have been officiated. “He plays hard. He’s been in the game long enough to understand. I thought he got away with a lot (Tuesday) night. I thought there was a lot of holding going on and a lot of flopping going on, and finally he showed that last one.

“But he’s good at it, he’s always been good at it. We knew that going into the series. He’s one of the best charge takers in the game. He’s always been that. And some of them are charges and then some of them are flops, but all of them are tough to call.

“It is a brutal call to make, it really is a tough one.”