Peter Vecsey of the New York Post reports:

In late March, I received an e- mail from Sam Stith alerting me his younger brother’s health was in decline. Tom, one of New York City’s all-time top 10 schoolboy stars, had been hospitalized on Long Island for a prolonged period because of kidney problems and other issues.

Yesterday, the Knicks’ 1961 first-round pick (No. 2 overall) died, announced former St. Bonaventure teammate Fred Crawford during the Bob Douglas Hall of Fame luncheon honoring Johnny Mathis, Bob Hunter and others.

Tom turned 71 on Jan. 21.

The two Stith brothers established St. Francis Prep as CHSAA champs in the mid-to-late 1950s. They then transformed St. Bonaventure into a national power and Eddie Donovan into a coveted coach.