After Wednesday’s Raptors at Heat game I talked with Miami guard Marcus Banks. Here’s a piece of it: Things didn’t go well for the team today, but at least you as an individual did well out there.

Marcus Banks: I felt decent. I would trade it in any day for a win, and see my guys on the team smile and have a good time. But an opportunity came today for me to knock down some shots and I did it in the minutes I played, and it’s simple as that. As you said, of course a win for the team is more important. Ideally, eventually you’ll step up like today and the win comes, too.

Marcus Banks: I’d love to get both. Get a win and a good game. That’d be even better. But sometimes, that’s the way the ball bounces. You got to live with it. Get up tomorrow and forget about it, go on and try to get the next one.

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